If you wish to ship a photograph to a destination outside of the Lower 48 States, please contact me before you place your order. All photographs are shipped USPS Priority mail.

Standard Size Prints

  • 7.5x10.5 inch print, matted to 11x14 inches   -   $30,   framed   -   $50
  • 11x15 inch print, matted to 16x20 inches   -   $45,   framed   -   $80
  • 16x22 inch print, matted to 20x26 inches   -   $80,   framed   -   $150
  • 22x30 inch print, matted to 26x34 inches   -   $150,   framed   -   $250

An Example of Non-Standard Size Prints

  • 6x12.5 inch print, matted to 9.5x16 inches   -   $30.00,   framed   -   $50
  • 9.5x19.5 inch print, matted to 14x24 inches   -   $45.00,   framed   -   $80
  • 13.5x27.5 inch print, matted to 18x32 inches   -   $80.00,   framed   -   $150

My Material

Fred Knapp’s limited-edition prints are available either in ready-to-frame appropiate color matting or in complete framing with complementary color matting and molding.   You can also request plain white mats.   All images are printed by the photographer using the best papers and inks available.   They are signed and numbered.   These prints will resist fading for at least 100 years.


Fred Knapp’s prints are available in the frame colors and styles shown at the top of the page: light walnut, darker walnut, gray with highlights, and satin black.   An example of how Fred would frame a particular photograph can be emailed to you or you can request any one of the four stlye frames.